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Dark Skies

Dark Skies is a science fiction television show that first aired in 1996 and lasted for one season (20 episodes). It is widely recognized for its unique blend of government conspiracy, science fiction, and horror elements. It stars Eric Close as John Loengard, Megan Ward as Kimberly Sayers, and J. T. Walsh as Frank Bach.

Critics praised the show for its attention to detail and intricate storyline. Entertainment Weekly described it as “a smart, spooky show with a compelling mix of the X-Files and Close Encounters.” The New York Times said, “Dark Skies serves up a heady brew of science fiction, political conspiracy, and historical revisionism.”

The show has been called a “cult classic” and has a dedicated fanbase who appreciate its blend of science fiction and government conspiracy themes. The show’s popularity has only grown in the years since its original airing, with fans discovering the show through streaming services and DVD releases.

The show begins in 1960 and moves chronologically towards June 17th 1967 where Season 1 ends. In the two-hour pilot (later repacked as episodes 1 and 2) of “Dark Skies,” John Loengard (Eric Close) is a history researcher who discovers a conspiracy involving extra-terrestrial beings and a secret government agency tasked with covering it up. John begins to investigate and eventually uncovers the truth behind the government’s involvement with the aliens, leading him to become a target of the agency. The pilot also introduces several key characters, including Kimberly Sayers (Megan Ward), a computer expert and love interest for John, and Maureen Hinds (Jerri Ryan), a mysterious woman with a connection to the aliens. The pilot sets up the overarching story of the series, establishing the characters, their motivations, and the threat posed by the extra-terrestrial beings known as The Hive!

The third episode “Moving Target” follows John and Kimberly as they discover that a key witness in their investigation has been taken by the government and is being held at a secure facility. They plan a mission to rescue the witness, but their plan is complicated by the appearance of an assassin sent by the government to kill the witness and cover up the truth.

Throughout the episode, John and Kimberly face numerous challenges as they try to rescue the witness and stay one step ahead of the assassin. The episode also delves deeper into the motivations of the secret government agency, the Majestic 12, and their relationship with the extra-terrestrial beings.

“Moving Target” is a tense and action-packed episode that continues to build on the overarching story of “Dark Skies” and provides more insights into the characters and their struggle to uncover the truth. This struggle continues into the fourth episode “Mercury Rising” where John and Kimberly investigate a series of strange events occurring at a NASA facility, where a group of scientists are researching a mysterious substance believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin. They delve deeper into the situation and discover that the substance is actually a highly advanced alien technology that is being used to control the minds of the scientists and further the government’s own interests. The episode culminates in a dramatic confrontation between John, Kimberly, and the scientists as they attempt to prevent the alien technology from being used for evil purposes.

“Mercury Rising” is a thrilling and suspenseful episode that adds to the overarching story of “Dark Skies” and raises important questions about the use of science and technology for power and control.

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after just one season due to low ratings. The final episode “Bloodlines” sees John and Kimberly investigate a series of strange occurrences at a small town in rural America. As they delve deeper into the situation, they discover that the town is being terrorized by extra-terrestrial beings who are using the residents for their own purposes.

Loengard and Sayers soon learn that the town holds a dark secret and that the aliens are using the residents to carry out a sinister plan. The episode culminates in a dramatic confrontation between Loengard, Sayers, and the extra-terrestrial beings, as they attempt to stop the aliens and save the town from destruction.

“Bloodlines” is a suspenseful and thrilling final episode that adds to the overarching story of “Dark Skies” and raises important questions about the role of extra-terrestrial life in human society that sadly never get answered. Despite this, the show has gained a cult following, with fans praising its suspenseful storyline and well-written characters.

“Dark Skies is a shamefully overlooked show that deserves a much larger audience. Its cancellation was a loss for fans of the sci-fi genre.” – The AV Club

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of suspenseful sci-fi thrillers, then Dark Skies is worth watching. The show’s talented cast and well-written storylines will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

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