Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Escape from Galaxy 3 (1980)

Escape from Galaxy 3 (aka Starcrash II) takes us on a journey to a far away galaxy that looks a lot like Starcrash (well it is Starcrash stock footage!). In that galaxy we go aboard a space station where Princess Belle Star (Sherry Buchanan) approaches her father King Ceylon (Auran Cristea) with her Space Captain, Lithan (James Milton). She advises that their scanners have detected a ship that doesn’t belong in their galaxy. The King declares that Oraclon “The King of the Night” (Don Powell) has come to take over his territories. Lithan suggests they put Plan Epsilon into action.

Oraclon communicates but Ceylon who refuses to surrender!


Oraclon launches his attack, destroying Ceylon’s Space Station and the planet Exalon, but not before Ceylon sends Lithan and Princess Belle Star to obtain help from his ally “Antares.”

Oraclon gives chase and manages to damage their ship but they manage to elude his ships by going to hyperspace with no set coordinates….

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