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Interview: Rob Jones – Killer Camp

Killer Camp debuted on July 16th 2020 on The CW, airing Thursdays at 8. The production company, Tuesday’s Child, describes the show as “a horror themed whodunnit gameshow set in an 80’s American style summer camp where a group of adventurous contestants must play like their life depends on it. Because it does.” The show is hosted by a comedian, Bobby (Beiber’s Cousin) Mair, and The CW described the show as a “satirical horror whodunit reality competition.” The show has already been seen in the UK and is currently on a repeat run on ITV2 and is available on catch-up.

Cult Faction’s Brett Summers caught up with one of the show’s stars Rob Jones to chat about the unique show.

BS: First of all Rob, could you tell us a little about yourself?

RJ: I’m an attention seeker, writer, social drinker and events co-ordinator at Gensis Cinema, Mile End.

BS: How did you get involved with the show?

RJ: I’ve done a bit of extra work in my spare time but craved that ‘celebrity attention’ so while I was looking for a job in London applied to be on what I thought was an ‘adventure based reality show’ called ‘Summer Camp’ for a laugh. It was always something I never thought I’d get a call back for.

BS: Were you a horror fan before the show?

RJ: Horror is my favourite genre, hands down, I feel like it’s underrated due to the template format of American gore porn, your Teens in the woods, torture traps etc. I prefer my French horror or the more Indie stuff, Calvaire, Martyrs and this new Cult Horror angle from Ari Aster, Hereditary and Midsommar really stand out for me.

BS: Upon joining the show, how did you find the rest of the cast?

RJ: We all became very good friends even though everyone was so different. I think this upset the producers because they craved drama but we all got along too well. We even went for drunk night out in London after we finished filming.

BS: How did the filming of the show relate to how the concept of the show played out?

RJ: The game played out exactly as you saw on the TV. The killers knew who they were but every other contestant was convinced this was a happy little summer camp TV show… then there were murders and everyone freaked out.

The hardest thing was not talking about the show while the cameras were off, the producers had to censor your conversations and ‘save it for TV’ (they would legit say “sift it!”). We all are together and slept in the dorm you saw. No hotels for us… until we died.

BS: What ere your highlights during the show?

RJ: Highlights… Filming a death scene, we all did one, I got to do my own stunts, unfortunately I died while Radiohead played, my least favourite band. Just added insult to fatal injury. Lithuania where the filming took place was a lovely country as well, the actual camp was a treat!

BS: What difficulties did you face:

RJ: The biggest difficulty was not knowing the time. It’s reality TV so it’s your world, we had no contact with the outside world and had no idea what the time was. We could have done three hours filming or thirteen and we’d have no idea, it was legitimately mentally and physically exhausting.

BS: How did you find the full Killer Camp experience?

RJ: It was interesting, it was very stressful and a lot is asked from you but then again I played a possible serial killer on national television and I got a lot of abuse on Twitter, what else is fame for?!

If you ever apply to be on reality TV i can tell you it is never going to be what you expect.

BS: Watching the show back, is it what you expected?

RJ: If anything it came out better than I expected and I didn’t come across like to much of a prick… well not straight away. It’s so weird living it and filming for about twelve hours a day for two weeks and seeing it cut down to five one hour episodes. That’s the magic of TV baby! Before the show came out, we all had anxiety because you do not know how your story line is going to be cut.

BS: What projects do you have lined up next?

Currently writing with a friend, we have a sketch show in the works and trying our hand at a screen play for a feature. I’m also in line to do a bit of travel presenting in mid July. No murders in the horizon though unfortunately.

BS: Where can fans keep up with your news?

RJ: You can find out about all the things I am up to on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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