Doctor Who – The War Doctor Series 3 Trailer!

Coming in September, the War Doctor is pitched against opponents both new and old: but right now you can listen to the trailer!

The brand new trailer for Doctor Who – The War Doctor Series 3: Agents of Chaos is now online, and can be heard on the story’s page or by clicking below:

The Time War between Daleks and Time Lords rages across the history of the cosmos. Nowhere is safe. Worlds are ravaged by battles beyond their understanding, but certain other races hunger to fight in the ultimate conflict.

When Earth comes under threat, the War Doctor is drawn into Ollistra’s schemes once again. But the wily Time Lord Cardinal has not foreseen every move. The Dalek Time Strategist has its own game-pieces in play, and when volatile forces with their own agenda join the fray, no-one can predict how the war might turn…

Starring John Hurt and Jacqueline Pearce, Doctor Who – The War Doctor Series 3: Agents of Chaos is released in September, and can be pre-ordered right now for £20 on Download or CD (all CD purchases unlocking a download for instant access). These prices, exclusive to Big Finish, are held until the title’s general release at the end of November, so there’s never been a better time to place an order!

The entire Time War saga can be bought as a special bundle, gathering together all four War Doctor sets as well as 2017’s The Eighth Doctor – The Time War release starring Paul McGann.

Introducing Ironheart!

Brian Michael Bendis recently spoke to Wired, and revealed that Marvel’s new female Iron Man, Riri Williams, will soon be known as Ironheart. Riri  will gain her name within the pages of the first issue of the relaunched Invincible Iron Man.

Debuting in May 2016 (Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 #7), Riri made a fast impact as a character. Her back story revealed she was born shortly after her father, Riri Williams, Sr., died and that she grew up together with her sister Sharon and their mother.

She is a ertified genius who was given a free scholarship at M.I.T.. By the age of 15 she was already attending it and whilst there she challenged herself to reverse-engineer technology from an outdated Iron Man Armor Model 41.

This resulted in Riri creating her own prototype version of the Iron Man Armor, using mainly stolen material from campus. When campus security caught notice of her suspicious activities, Riri was prompted to don the suit of armor and fly away.

After flying around the country trying to get the hang of her suit’s flying capabilities, Riri intercepted a couple of inmates escaping from the New Mexico State Penitentiary. She managed to stop the speeding truck they were using as a escape vehicle, but at the cost of her armor’s integrity.

Riri eventually returned to her house to keep working on her suit, much to her mother’s dismay. After learning of Riri’s accomplishment, Tony Stark visited her and decided to endorse Riri’s desire to become a super hero

Duffer Bros: “There will be justice for Barb”

Stranger Things was clearly the biggest thing to ever hit Netflix, grabbing an audience with its nostalgia and story telling but as of yet no Season 2 has been announced.

In a recent interview with IGN, creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers hinted at what could come at questions of the return of Barb were answered:


“I can’t see it happening” Matt Duffer replied, “Barb will not be forgotten. We’ll make sure there’s some justice for Barb. People get very frustrated, understandably, that the town doesn’t seem to be really dealing with Barb. That stuff is all happening. We’re just not spending any screen time on it.”

Stranger Things Barb murial

He continued by noting that “Season 1 actually takes place over the course of six or seven days – it’s a really short period of time,” he said. “So part of what we want to do with hypothetical Season 2 is to explore the repercussions of everything that happened.”



Thanks to the events of REVOLUTION, the G.I. Joe team led by Scarlett returns to the fray, leading the charge against invading TRANSFORMERS and other aliens.

But when a US military defense base goes dark, Scarlett has reason to suspect that these enemy forces may have infiltrated G.I. Joe. It’s up to her, Roadblock, Rock ‘n Roll, Quick Kick, Wild Bill, and Shipwreck to move in and root out any traitors before the facility falls into the wrong hands!

•  A key one-shot connected to the world of REVOLUTION!

Big Finish release THE AVENGERS – STEED & PEEL VOLUME 2 trailer

“Mrs Peel – We’re Needed!” Those hungry for a little taste of November’s adventures for The Avengers – the UK’s coolest crime-fighters – need look no further:

In November, fans of bowler-hatted heroes, karate-kicking heroines, and all manner of eccentric villains are in for a fresh treat. Following on from Big Finish’s much-praised first volume,The Avengers – Steed & Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 2 will be released, reuniting Julian Wadham and Olivia Poulet as John Steed and Mrs Emma Peel. A trailer is now online and can be found below along with complete story details:

2.1 Playtime is Over by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky

Steed gets toyed with, Emma has an admirer.

A series of impossible robberies have plagued London. Called in to investigate, Steed and Peel find themselves up against some very deadly children. Or do they?

2.2 The Antagoniser by Paul Morris and Simon Barnard

Steed catches a bite, Emma is a little cowed.

Several noted scientists have died in unusual circumstances, and Steed and Peel find themselves up against a deadly weapon. But who is behind it? Does an old TV broadcast hold the answer?

2.3: The Mad Hatter by Matt Fitton

Steed charms a princess, Emma buys a hat

When Princess Helga of Varania comes to England, all the nation is charmed. Well, nearly all. A dastardly assassination plot is being prepared and only Steed and Peel can stop it. Who wants to be a milliner?

2.4: The Secret Six by John Dorney

Steed hits a boundary, Emma shall go to the ball

When an invitation to a fancy dress party leads to murder, Steed and Peel face the fight of their lives. The world’s six deadliest criminals want them dead – and will stop at nothing to make sure of it!

The Avengers – Steed & Mrs Peel: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 2 contains four new adventures and can be bought at the special pre-order prices of £25 on CD (unlocking an instant download version) and £20 on Download. One of the stories from Volume 1The Miser – can be downloaded for free.

Also released that month is a new pressing of the collected comic strips these stories are based on – which can be either bought on its own for £9.99 (or as an eBook for £4.99), or in a bundle collecting the book and both boxed-sets for £39 (e-book and downloads) or £53 (book and CDs). The book also includes interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at bringing it all together.

Visit here to see Big Finish’s range of The Avengers tales, including the Lost Episodes – loving period-feel recreations of TV episodes now tragically lost in the mists of time…

Cult Movie Essentials: Geek Maggot Bingo (1983)

The third film from Nick Zedd finds mad scientist Dr. Frankenberry (Robert Andrews), who repeatedly attempting to reanimate the dead with the assistance of his hunchbacked assistant Gecko (Robert Zeus).

Other characters include the professor’s daughter Buggy (Brenda Bergman), who performs most of the movie semi-nude, and falls victim to the vampire, and Flavian (Gumby Spangler), son of the professor at Frankeberry’s university, Dean Quagmire (Jim Giacama) who had rejected Frankenberry’s original experiments. There is also a punk rocker cowboy The Rawhide Kid (Richard Hell) and a vampiress called Scumbalina (Donna Death).

Frankberrry successfully creates hideous two-headed creature called The Formaldehyde Man (Tyler Smith), who goes on a rampage, killing several characters

All the best in Cult television, films, cartoons, video games and comics! #gotfaction?


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