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Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM (Racing Performance Machines) was the seventeenth season of the Power Rangers franchise. It was based on the Super Sentai series Engine Sentai Go-onger. It debuted in March 2009 and ran for a total of 32 episodes.

An AI computer virus named Venjix takes over all of the Earth’s computers and creates a robot army of “Grinder” droids. Venjiz uses these droids to enslave humanity. Only the city of Corinth remains, protected by an almost impenetrable force field from the toxic atmosphere of the wasteland outside.

Venjix tries various plans to destroy Corinth, but luckily Doctor K’s (played by Olivia Tennet) RPM Power Rangers are there to protect it:

  • Scott Truman, Ranger Operator Series Red (Played by Eka Darville)
  • Flynn McAllister, Ranger Operator Series Blue (Played by Ari Boyland)
  • Summer Landsdown, Ranger Operator Series Yellow (Played by Rose McIver)
  • Ziggy Grover, Ranger Operator Series Green (Played by Milo Cawthorne)
  • Dillon, Ranger Operator Series Black (Played by Dan Ewing)
  • Gem, Ranger Operator Series Gold (Played by Mike Ginn)
  • Gemma, Ranger Operator Series Silver (Played by Li Ming Hu)

In 2011 the Power Rangers Samurai two-part episode Clash of the Red Rangers, a crossover with RPM, establishes that RPM is actually in an alternate universe to the other seasons of the Power Rangers franchise.

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