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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Hitting our screens in 1999 and running for 49 episodes, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was the most expensive Power Rangers series ever produced at the time and was set after the events of Power Rangers in Space.

The series starts back in good old Angel Grove where we meet brothers Leo (Danny Slavin) and Mike (Russell Lawrence), alongside Kai (Archie Kao), and Kendrix (Valerie Vernon) who are leaving Earth for the space colony Terra Venture. They are soon joined by a mechanic named Damon (Reggie Rolle), and on the Moon, they meet a jungle girl named Maya (Cerina Vincent) who leads them to five mystical swords known as the Quasar Sabers on her home planet of Mirinoi. After pulling the blades out of a stone, one of the youths, Mike, falls into a crevice, but not before passing his sword onto his younger brother Leo.

With the Quasar Sabers, the teens transform into the Galaxy Power Rangers and use them to battle space villains including Scorpius (Kim Strauss), Trakeena (Amy Miller), Deviot, and Captain Mutiny, from two different parts of the galaxy. Various Zords are discovered along the way (Galactabeasts) as you would expect and also they receive help from the mysterious Magna Defender!

Later in the series Deviot revives the evil Psycho Rangers, the Rangers of Power Rangers in Space show up to aid the Galaxy Rangers in destroying them. During this saga, Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Ranger, sacrifices herself to protect the Pink Space Ranger and Terra Venture from Psycho Pink. Karone, sister of the Red Space Ranger Andros and former evil princess Astronema, is given the powers of the Pink Galaxy Ranger from Kendrix (who appears as a spirit), and joins the Rangers in the battle to protect Terra Venture.

Deviot later reads secret words from the Galaxy Book and the result of this is that Terra Venture and himself are sent deep into the “Lost Galaxy.” Here the Rangers encounter Captain Mutiny and his Swabbies. These space traveling pirates live on the back of a massive space faring dragon inside a castle.

Deviot reemerges and joins the Captain’s fight against the Rangers and attempts to turn all of the citizens of Terra Venture into his slaves for the purposes of mining for “Booty”. The colony escapes the galaxy after Mike sacrifices his powers to keep a portal open.

After this, Deviot returns to Trakeena, but, by this time, she has learned of his treachery and tries to destroy him, chasing him through the ship and into the cocoon that Scorpius made fusing them together and driving Trakeena insane and, using her army armed with bombs, cripple Terra Venture and destroys the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords. This forces the colony’s people to evacuate to a nearby planet.

Trakeena does not give up and chases the Rangers, destroying her ship by self-destructing; the explosion leaves Leo stranded on the moon. Trakeena, who survives the blast also, albeit scarred and injured, finally reaches her breaking point and uses the cocoon to transform into an insectoid creature to enter Terra Venture’s wreck and use her power to set it on a crash course to the planet below to destroy it and the people below.

Leo enters and soon followed by the other Rangers try to stop her, but are slowly overmatched by Trakeena’s new power. She is only defeated after Leo, using his Battlizer, blasts her at point-blank range nearly destroying himself in the process. By this time the colony is nearly crashed but the Galaxy Megazord diverts its course and lands it on a large clearing in an explosion, the colonists, having feared the worse for the Rangers, are relieved and overjoyed when they come out of the explosion on the Galactabeasts.

After this, the Zords reveal to the Rangers they had landed on is Mirinoi and return the sabers to the stone altar. This restores its petrified inhabitants and, to the joy of the Rangers, restores Kendrix to life as well. After this the colonists settle on Mirinoi as the series ends.

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