Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Hitting the TV in the year 2000, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue ran for 40 episodes and introduced us to the town of Mariner Bay, California, which was built on an ancient demon burial ground. When the demons were accidentally released from their tomb in the desert, they threaten to destroy Mariner Bay. Therefore, a government organization called Lightspeed Rescue, headed by Captain William Mitchell (Ron Roggé), recruits four civilians and his own daughter to defend the city.

Each of the four civilians chosen had a special area of expertise:

  • Carter Grayson (Sean Cw Johnson), the Red Lightspeed Ranger, was a fire fighter in the local fire department;
  • Chad Lee (Michael Chaturantabut), the Blue Lightspeed Ranger, worked as a lifeguard and marine animal trainer at a local aquarium and a marine amusement park;
  • Joel Rawlings (Keith Robinson), the Green Lightspeed Ranger, was a stunt pilot;
  • Kelsey Winslow (Sasha Williams), the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger, was an extreme sports athlete;
  • Dana Mitchell (Alison MacInnis), the Captain’s daughter, who agreed to become the Pink Lightspeed Ranger, was a nurse and practiced medical arts.

The five Power Rangers were aided by a team of scientists and engineers led by Miss Angela Fairweather (Monica Louwerens), and operated out of the Lightspeed Aquabase, an underwater military compound that also deters the hydrophobic demons from directly attacking the base.

As the series developed the Lightspeed Rangers would be joined by Ryan Mitchell (Rhett Fisher) – the presumed dead son of Captain Mitchell and brother of Dana. Ryan would become the Titanium Ranger.

Lightspeed Rescue also got a special cross-over episode with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, when the villainess Trakeena comes to Earth to destroy it and the Lightspeed Rangers team up with the Galaxy Rangers.


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