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Popples was based on the Popples toys and originally aired in 1986. It ran for 44 episodes.

The Popples resemble colorful cuddly toys with long, pompom-tipped tails, and they have pouches on their backs that can roll into so that they resemble fuzzy balls and the name “Popple” is a reference to the popping sound they make when unfolding themselves from such a ball, or pulling objects from their pouches.

In the cartoon, all the Popples stutter when they say words with the letter “P” in them. They also commonly pull large items from their pouches that couldn’t possibly fit inside, which come from hammerspace; in “Popples Alley”, one of the Popples’ human friends looks inside one of their pouches and sees numerous objects floating in a void.

Nine of the Popples live with a human brother and sister, Billy and Bonnie Wagner. Billy and Bonnie think they are the only kids who have Popples until a neighbor family moves in and they have their own Popples — the Rock Stars, Pufflings, and Babies.

The Popples tend to make the kids activities go out of hand, but with beneficial results by the end.

The plot usually revolved around the children’s efforts to hide the existence of the Popples from the adults around them.

It should be noted that the original Popples pilot was live action:

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