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Invincible Ep. 7: We Need To Talk

In Invincible Ep. 7: We Need To Talk it is safe to say the pace picks up big time! The episode beings with Mark, William, and Amber returning from their doomed college trip; in a bid to win Amber back, Mark reveals his secret identity to Amber only to find out she knew anyway and is angry that he lied to her and didn’t trust her! Lost and confused, Mark visits Eve for advice. Just at the point in time nealry everyone else in his life is looking for him!’

Meanwhile Debbie has gone to the GDA for safety, Cecil explains the truth to her. When Nolan returns home he is upset she is not there. He soon picks up invisible GDA agents in his home and a brawl ensues. Nolan kills a number of agents as Cecil and Debbie watch on via video link. Cecil detonates a bomb that barely scratches Nolan.

Elsewhere, Robot pays the Mauler Twins a visit with Rudy in his biological tank. The clones add a new neural link to the Rudy clone and the operation is carried out. The new Rudy clone awakens and has a short chat with the original Rudy who wants the clone to euthanises him. New Rudy reluctantly carries out his wishes and then pays and betrays the Mauler Twins!

Later new Rudy intorduces himself to The Guardians and tells them all exactly what has been happening.  They are shocked at what Rudy tells them but this has to be put on hold as they learn the truth about Omni-Man and the original Guardians!

Cecil deploys Reanimen, a kaiju who has had his pain receptors removed to kill Omni-Man, but Mark and Eve stumble upon the battle and Mark teams up with his dad to battle it – not knowing the full situation! Cecil phones Eve to tell her what is happening and she leaves to join the Guardians.

At the same time Omni-Man is battling Reanimen. the Mauler Twins revive Immortal, As soon as Immortal awakens he shales of the control collar the Mauler Twins place on him and flies off to get revenge on Omni-Man. As news helicopters film Omni-Man and Invincible’s battle against Reanimen, Immortal appears and attacks Oni-Man! The world watching and is shocked – especially after watching what Omni-Man does to Immortal.

The episode ends with Nolan telling Mark they need to talk!

Verdict: 9/10. A number of important storyline threads combine and go full throttle in this episode. There is definatley no turning back now. The whole episode is a white knuckle ride with a bit of blood and guts thrown in for good measure. Incible continues to deliver!

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