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Cult Faction Podcast Ep. 11: Heels, Teeth, amd Eternal Beef!

In this week’s episode we discuss Heels, Sweet Tooth, Jenny Zero, Rick and Morty, Home Sweet Home, Invincible, Ghost Lab, the latest Marvel news, The Marvels, Skylanders on PS3, 21 Jump Street, The Midnight Caller, The Mitchell’s Vs. The Machines, The Explorers and a whole lot more!



In this week’s episode…

Paul pretends he got his PS3 and Skylanders out of the loft for his children but we know the truth.

Damian and Paul lament the loss of their Singstar data when their PS3’s died.

Paul liked and enjoyed Mortal Kombat and likes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier!

The Mitchell’s Vs. The Machines is liked by Paul, Brett is excited that Kenny Powers is in it, and Damain likes the trailer!

Damian explains his hate of what is known as “family films!”

Paul discusses his exposure to My Little Money: Friendship is Magic.

Damian hates “flashback” openings – and explains why!

Damian his turning his shed in a bar and has not distubed any ancient bureil grounds in the process (as far as we know).

Damian confesses his love of Sweet Home on Netflix #positiveDamian

After 15 years, Damian nears the end of Supernatural!

Damian is happy that his revisiting of the classic movie The Explorers didn’t disappoint. Brett declares he has never seen it, and realises he must now see it or simply just hang his head in shame!

Brett declares his shock and love for the finale of Invincible, Damian confesses he watched it too just to prove to Brett he did not like it. It is decided that Paul must now watch it and vote so that a winner can be declared in this feud!

Brett confesses that he did watch Thunder Force as he felt bad the others had to. Brett enjoyed it for the “40 minute movie” it was. He admits that anything after the first 40 mins have been blanked from his mine as it was just terrible.

Brett preaches Solar Opposites and Bob’s Burgers to Damian and Paul and tries to get them to watch the new Batwoman season.

Brett shares his excitement that The Midnight Caller on Forces TV. Damian wets himself at the news!

Brett also admits he has returned to 21 Jump Street for Season 2 – luckily this week it has caused no psychological issues like it did previously and Brett was still able to seperate the show from his real life in the 1990’s.

In the Drop Zone this week we discuss:

  • The Heels trailer
  • Ricky and Morty Season 5
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Ghost Lab
  • Sweet Tooth

and on the News Desk this week we discuss:

  • Invincible renewed for 2 more seasons!
  • The new Masters of the Universe that is coming to Netflix
  • The passing of John Paul Leon at the age of 49
  • Jenny Zero has arrived
  • Marvel Studios latest news updates including The Eternals.

Were we right? Were we wrong? Did we miss anything we should have covered? Let us know!

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