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Cult Faction Podcast Ep. 9: Kung Fuing, Simpson’s Suing, Trouble Brewing!

This week bumper episode includes our examination of notable spin off shows, as well as discussions involving the sad passings of Felix Silla and Helen McCrory, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Morrisey Vs. The Simpsons, LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS Vol. 2, Nobody, Resident Alien, Invincible, 21 Jump Street, Critters, Space Mutiny, The Crow, Promising Young Women, Séance, the return of Alan Partridge and a whole lot more!

The Breakdown:

  • Brett relives his days in the 90’s as an under cover cop on 21 Jump Street with Johnny Depp. Is he telling the truth or is it just a delusion from being home from work for two weeks and bingeing Season 1 of the show? He also makes the bold claim that Space Mutiny is possibly the best worst move ever made!
  • Paul is relieved that the kids have gone back to school, has been watching Promising Young Woman and recapturing his 1990’s youth by watching The Crow and dreaming of his old big long black trenchcoat!
  • Damian gives his verdict on Incredible and Resident Alien and urges everyone to revisit Critters! He also appears to be the only one of the team to not try and relive the 90’s this week!
  • We conclude that we are PG13!


  • In The Drop Zone we discuss:
    • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    • LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS Vol. 2
    • Séance
    • Nobody
  • In the News:
    • Felix Silla passes away aged 84
    • This Time with Alan Partridge Series 2 trailer released
    • Helen McCrory passes away aged 52
    • Phoebe Waller Bridge cast in Indiana Jones 5
    • Disney plus green light 3 UK based shows
    • The House of the Dead: Remake Nintendo Switch trailer released
    • Amelia Clark and Olivia Coleman linked to Marvels Secret Invasion
    • Big mouth strikes again!! – Morrissey is upset with the Simpsons
    • LOTR spin off budget revealed

Our deep dive into noteworthy Spin Offs includes:

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