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Space Mutiny (1988)

Directed by Neal Sundstrom and produced by David Winters, Space Mutiny may seem at first glance like a cheap knock-off of Battlestar Galactica (including rented footage from the show) but it is much more than that… in a lesser way!

As the movie opens, we learn that thirteen generations ago, The Southern Sun left its home planet (implied to be Earth) and began its journey through space looking for a new world to colonise.

Flight Commander Elijah Kalgan (John Phillip Law) is not happy with the journey of The Southern Sun so conspires with Chief Engineer MacPhearson (James Ryan) and local pirates to disrupt the ship’s current course and direct them to the Corona Borealis system.

Once in the Corona Borealis system, Kalgan wishes to use The Enforcers (basically the Southern Sun police force) to hijack the ship and with the pirates on standby the Southern Sun will have no choice but let his mutiny succeed. Once in charge he plans to sell the majority of his shipmates into slavery!

To kick start his plan, and weaken leadership on The Southern Sun, Kalgan sabotages a key part of the Southern Sun just the important Professor Spooner is coming into land. This causes the ship to explode killing Spooner, but by some miracle the ship’s pilot Dave Ryder (Reb Brown) manages to beam out and survive!

As the sabotage, scenery chewing, and continuity errors unfolds, Ryder teams with Commander Alex Jansen (Cameron Mitchell), Captain Scott Devers (Graham Clark), Lt. Lemont (Billy Second), and Dr. Lea Jansen (Cisse Cameron) to regain control of the ship.

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