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Cult Faction Podcast Ep. 8: Revitalised? Bastardised? Or Exorcised?

This week’s discussion’s include Resident Alien, Run, The Boys, Inner Space, Vera, Redneck island, Midsummer Murders, Ghost Busters: Afterlife, Pain Killer, The Woman in the Window, The Walking Dead: Survivors, Army of the Dead, Thunder Force, Marvel’s Heroes Reborn, The Exorcist, The Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, and The Power Puff Girls!


The detailed breakdown:

We establish that we are now going to use our surnames form this point on.

We ask the questions, what’s the world’s most famous non-existent book and is 3D Smello-vision the future of home entrainment?

Paul gives his verdict on Resident Alien and Run.

Damian gives his verdict on The Boys, reminisces about Inner Space and declares his love for Vera.

Brett’s been enjoying Redneck Island and We all go off to the cul de sac in Midsummer Murders.


In the Drop Zone this week, we look at:

Ghost Busters: Afterlife “Mini Pufts” trailer

Pain Killer

The Woman in the Window

The Walking Dead: Survivors mobile phone game

Army of the Dead


In the News:

Paul and Damian get angry about Thunder Force!

Brett explains Marvel’s Heroes Reborn.

With the release of Leap of Faith we try and work out if we need another Exorcist documentary.

We decide no one’s going to miss The Twilight Zone or Lost in Space now that they’ve been cancelled and seems like Brett is the only one excited to see the first images of the Power Puff Girls.

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