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Cult TV Essentials: Pro Wrestling Star Azteckaiser

Pro-Wrestling Star Aztekaiser was a Japanese pro-wrestling-themed superhero television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions, and created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa. It ran for one season of 26 episodes between 1976-77.

After witnessing the death of his brother Daiji at the hands of The Black Mist Federation (led by Lord Luar), Shun quits wrestling. A year later The Black Mist Federation reappears to challenge fighters, Shun refuses to fight.

Shun’s coach and friend Jo Kanzaki fights in his place and is about to be killed when Shun intervenes by becoming Azteckaiser.

Azteckaiser has a mystical gem on the forehead of his mask called the Star of Aztec, which grants the wearer incredible power (as well as turning him and his surroundings into anime)

The live-action series blended live action and anime during each climactic battle with the evil wrestler of the week –  Aztekaiser is able to transform his entire live-action surroundings into anime footage, enabling him to perform superhuman wrestling techniques that are otherwise impossible to perform in live-action.

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