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Review: The Room (2020)

The Room is a psychological thriller by Director Christian Volckman. It follows couple Kate and Matt, who after moving into their new home, find a room the will give them anything they ask for. We then watch as their world collapses in on them after being given their greatest wish.

What starts you off thinking ‘oh no another generic by the numbers horror’ soon twists and turns into a highly original story. Perhaps it skirts close to the edge of an episode of The Twilight Zone at times, but it always manages to pull away at the last moment.

For a film that is in the main a thriller it also does a good job at being creepy. Whilst there are no real jump scares you are left with a genuine feeling of unease throughout. This is even cleverly juxtaposed during the scenes where the couple are enjoying being able to have whatever they can think of.

A strong script is more than helped by some great central performances. Both the leads give a believable portrayal of both their joy and heartache. There are also some lovely set pieces during the films first act, as we watch Kate & Matt enjoy their hearts desires. The performances of the leads are more than complimented by some truly eerie and at times disturbing performances from the supporting cast.

The house should also be credited as a character. The way it creaks, moves, the shape of the wires, even the fuse box; Kate and Matt’s new home just seems to have a mind of its own. Partly this is due to the set design, which touches on the art of HR Giger at times. The use of lighting throughout adds a depth to world created by Volckman.

A cleaver, but accessible film that keeps your attention throughout its run time; The Room will make you feel uneasy whilst you’re watching, but leave you feeling a sense of fulfilment by its end.

Marks out of 10: 9

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