Heroes of Cult

Remembering “Grotbags” Carol Lee Scott (1942-2017)

To generations she was the TV witch Grotbags who caused havoc for Rod Hull and Emu, but it is now Cult Faction’s sad duty to report that Carol Lee Scott has passed away at the age of 74 years old following a battle with cancer.

The sad news was broken by Scott’s niece Gina Mear who wrote on Facebook on Wednesday:

“My dear aunty Carol lost her brave fight against cancer yesterday. To many of you she was Grotbags – a legend! To me she was just aunty Carol. I shall miss her hugely, rest in peace Carol.”

Scott was born on 20th December 1942 Bridgwater, Somerset, England and later moved to London to pursue a singing career on the pub scene whilst working day shifts at the record department at Rumbelows.

Her big break as a performer came when she joined Pontins Holiday Camps where she worked as an entertainer for 19 years, playing at all of the UK holiday camps, along with those in Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. During her the off-seasons she played many of the northern England and Scotland working men’s clubs alongside the likes of The Four Tops, Morecambe & Wise and Tommy Cooper. She also indulged in a game of darts or two that wound up with her being a guest of darts quiz Bullseye in 1984:

It was during this time that Scott recorded an album which she originally sold only at her concerts, though over time it became commercially available.

At one season at Pontins in Cleethorpes, Scott began working with entertainer Rod Hull. This saw the birth of an early incarnation of the evil witch that would one day be known as Grotbags!

Later, Hull was approached to make a new show to be broadcast at the launch of Central Independent Television and this show became Emu’s World. During the planning of the series Hull contacted Scott and together they refined their Pontins act and created Grotbags.

Emu’s World ran from 1981-1989, with Grotbags making her debut in January 1982. Grotbags had many sidekicks including  a cowardly crocodile called Croc, a mechanical butler called Robot Redford, and fawning manservant Grovel. Grotbags was known to sing in episodes.

In 1991, Scott voiced Grotbags in the cartoon series Rod ‘n’ Emu; by now the Grotbags phenomenon was so big she was given her own show, Grotbags, that ran for three seasons (29 episodes) from 1991-1993!

Grotbags we loved to hate you, and you will be remembered as a true Hero of Cult.


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