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Cult Faction Podcast Ep. 12: Sequels Equal Faecal?

In this week’s episode we chat about Resident Alien, Solar Opposites, Good Burger, Cannon and Ball, The Missing, Without Remorse, Invincible, Pauly Shore, George Murdoch, Jupiter’s Legacy, The Green Knight, Venon: Let There Be Carnage, Open Your Eyes, The Neighbor, Big Foot, The Nevers, An American Werewolf In Rome and a whole lot more…

The Breakdown…

  • We ask the question on everyones lips….what happened to Pauly Shore?
  • Just because he was right about Resident Alien, Brett is now launching a one man campaign to make us watch Solar Opposites.
  • Damian and Paul are wholley underwhelmed when Brett reveals he revisited Keenan and Kel’s comedy vehicle Good Burger, which somehow brings us on the subject of Cannon and Ball’s classic comedy The Boys in Blue along with other 70’s and 80s tv movie sequesls and spin offs
  • Paul’s been watching The Missing and we all spend far too much time trying to remember James Nesbitt’s name.
  • Paul seems to have become obesessed with Michael B. Jordan’s chest after watching Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse.
  • The Final Verdict is in on Invincible, Paul has now seen it so can cast the deciding vote
  • The Midnight Caller has reentered Damian’s life.
  • Both Brett and Paul give us their best impersonations of 80s TV stalwart George Murdoch.
  • We all discuss Jupiter’s Legacy.
In The Drop Zone
The Green Knight – Its a Tree!
Venom: Let There be Carnage – Will we soon see an Aunt May feature film?
Open Your Eyes – Vanilla Sky anyone?
United States of Horror – Some terrfying shorts lurk in Damian’s laundry basket
The Neighbor Season Two – Where was Season one??
In The News
Small Town Monsters present On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey -That’s in Damian’s wheel house
The first few minutes of Spiral: The Book of Saw has been released online – Saw in Rome?
The Nevers is not being renewed face? bovvered?
Prodigal Son will not be returning for s season 3
Big Sky is getting a second season – Bigger Sky?
All the Arrowverse/CW super shows that you would expect to get renewed have been!
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