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Wizards and Warriors

Debuting in 1983 and running for eight episodes (of which three episodes were directed by Bill Bixby), Wizards and Warriors, was a fantasy show which focused on two neighbouring kingdoms whose crown princes regularly battle each other. On the side of good is Prince Erik Greystone (Jeff Conaway). Greystone is engaged to the Princess Ariel (Julia Duffy). On the evil side is Prince Dirk Blackpool (Duncan Regehr).

In the first episode, “The Unicorn of Death,” it is Princess Ariel’s birthday and all the kingdom is celebrating. But the evil Wizard Vector (Clive Revill) suggests a plot to Prince Dirk Blackpool to use Ariel’s birthday to gain a final victory in their war against Ariel’s father King Baaldorf (Thomas Hill).

Episodes two and three and a two-parter known as “The Kidnap.” It tells the early days of the war as Prince Erik Greystone arrives in Baaldorf to meet his promised bride, Princess Ariel. Meanwhile Prince Dirk Blackpool plots with the Witch Bethel to steal an item of great power. Later Greystone and his vassal Marko attempt to rescue the kidnapped Princess Ariel from Prince Dirk Blackpool and the Wizard Vector (Walter Olkewicz).

Further adventures include Night of Terror where Prince Erik and Princess Ariel are trapped in a haunted castle. Prince Dirk and the Wizard Vector engage in a game for a prize of power; Skies of Death where the Wizard Vector and Prince Dirk Blackpool develop a powerful new weapon which threatens the kingdom of Baaldorf and which Prince Erik Greystone and Marko must find a way to defeat; and The Caverns of Chaos which begins when Prince Erik’s father is infected with a deadly disease Erik meaning that Erik must enter the Caverns of Chaos to find the cure. There he discovers Prince Dirk who is also searching for the cure. The Witch Bethel schemes for another way to get a throne.

In The Dungeon of Death, Marko is captured along with information crucial to the war. Prince Erik with the aid of his brother Prince Justin and a band of mercenaries must get into the dungeon of Castle Blackpool to retrieve them both. Then in the final episode, Vulkar’s Revenge, we find everybody trapped together in Castle Baaldorf by the Rains of Death, friend and foe must form an alliance to defend against Vulkar returned from the dead and out for revenge!


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