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Running for eight episodes between February 3rd 1989 to April 14, 1989, Unsub came from the minds of David J. Burke, Stephen J. Cannell, and Stephen Kronish. It followed a special team of FBI forensics experts investigates serial murderers and other unsolved violent crimes or as they were referred in the show “unknown subject of an investigation.”

The Unsub team consisted of John Westley “Westy” Grayson (played by David Soul), Ned Platt (M. Emmet Walsh), Alan McWhirter (Kent McCord), Norma McWhirter (Andrea Mann), Ann Madison (Jennifer Hetrick), Jimmy Bello (Richard Kind), and Tony D’Agostino (Joe Maruzzo).

In the first episode “White Bone Demon” the team the team is on the hunt for a serial killer. The only clue is that each of the victims have an unusually deep cut on their heels whilst other episodes dealt with murder, child killers, arsonists, serial bombers, men being found strangled and castrated, and a two-parter involving a charismatic preacher named Bishop Grace played by the legendary Jason Bernard.

The series also featured Garry Chalk, Colleen Winton, Annabel Kershaw, Peter Hanlon, Joy Coghill, Don Mackay, John Snyder, Matt Landers, Blu  Mankuma, Virginia Capers, Don S. Davis, and Kevin Spacey in various roles.




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