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Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994)

Directed by Jeff Burr, Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter, is the fifth movie of the Puppet Master franchise. It was filmed back-to-back with Puppet Master 4 so as you would expect the movie is a straight continuation with Rick Myers (Gordon Currie) being arrested under the suspicion of having caused the murders of Dr. Piper and Baker. Luckily, Dr. Jennings (Ian Ogilvy), the new director of the Artificial Intelligence research project and Rick’s temporary boss, gets him out on bail. The Police has taken Blade as evidence for the murders but he escapes and jumps into Susie’s (Chandra West) purse as she comes to collect Rick when he is released on bail. Meanwhile, following the vents of the previous film, Lauren (Teresa Hill) is in a coma at the local hospital. Whilst deep down in the underworld, Sutekh (Jake McKinnon) has decided to take matters into his own hands so infuses his life essence into his own Totem figure.

Whilst Jennings is unsure of Rick’s explanation as to why he is innocent, he remains interested in getting his hands on Toulon’s secret formula for financial gain. Soon Jennings learns of Toulon’s association with the Bodega Bay Inn and heads there with three hired goons, Tom Hendy (Nicholas Guest), Jason (Willard E. Pugh), and Scott (Duane Whitaker), in an attempt to find the puppets and the formula.

Meanwhile Rick awakens from a nightmare to discover Blade by his side. Rock senses something is not right so they head to the Bodega Bay Inn whilst at the same time Susie is visiting Lauren at the hospital. Lauren receives a vision of Sutekh and his Totem. Unable to contact Rick, she proceeds to the Bodega Bay Inn as well…


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