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King Rollo

Created by David McKee, King Rollo debuted on British television on 1st October 1980. It would run for only 13 episodes (of 5 minutes in length) but would go on to be repeated many times over the years. The series was narrated by Ray Brooks.

Rollo is a silly King who often needs help from his friends to help him fix a problem or solve a situation he has found himself in. Each episode sees Rolo turn to a combination of The Magician (Rolo’s defacto father figure), Cook (Rolo’s defacto Mother figure), his girlfriend, Queen Gwen, and his friend King Frank to help him with his issues. Rollo also has a cat called Hamlet who is seen to be smarter than Rollo.

The thirteen episodes in order of original broadcast are:

  • The Bread (1 October 1980)
  • The Playroom (8 October 1980)
  • The Bath (15 October 1980)
  • The Dishes (22 October 1980)
  • The New Shoes (29 October 1980)
  • The Breakfast (5 November 1980)
  • The Tree (12 November 1980)
  • The Comic (19 November 1980)
  • King Frank (26 November 1980)
  • The Birthday (3 December 1980)
  • The Balloons (10 December 1980)
  • The Search (17 December 1980)
  • The Dog (24 December 1980)


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