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Puppet Master 4 (1993)

Directed by Jeff Burr, Puppet Master 4 is the fourth film of the Puppet Master franchise and continues the story on from Puppet Master II (as Puppet Master 3: Toulon’s Revenge was a prequel). The movie begins in hell where a demon lord named Sutekh (Jake McKinnon) sends forth a trio of tiny servants called the Totems to kill those who possess the secret of animation (such as André Toulon and the magic he uses to bring his puppets life).

Meanwhile, a group of scientific researchers who are working on the development of artificial intelligence come close to discovering Toulon’s secret. Two of the scientists, Dr. Leslie Piper (Stacie Randall) and Dr. Carl Baker (Felton Perry) received a package in the post that turns out to be from Sutekh. The Totems kill the scientists and take their souls.

By some weird coincidence one of the scientific researchers Rick Myers (Gordon Currie) just happens to be working as a caretaker at the Bodega Bay Inn to earn extra money for his research. At one point Rick finds Blade and puts him away safely not realising what he has discovered. During one of his shifts (taking place at the same time Leslie and Carl are being murdered) Suzie (Chandra West), Lauren (Teresa Hill), and Cameron (Ash Adams) pay him a visit. Later the four have dinner and following it Laura, who also happens to be psychic, finds Blade and this leads her to Toulon’s dusty old trunk which had been hidden once again (or found for the first time if we are ignoring Puppet Master II, which does seem to be the case at this point). The trunk contains the puppets, Toulon’s diary and some vials with Toulons life-giving formula inside.

For some reason Rick and the gang decide to use the fluid on the puppets, and one by one they awaken; next to Blade, they find Pinhead, Six Shooter, Tunneler and Jester. Torch who was introduced in Puppet Master II appears to have vanished leading to the opinion that Part 2 is being ignored now.

Soon the the researchers begin to argue among themselves whilst the puppets and the totems soon collide!

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