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Puppet Master 2 (1990)

Written by David Pabian and directed by Dave Allen, Puppet Master II was the 1990 sequel to the previous year’s Puppet Master. It stars Elizabeth Maclellan, Gregory Webb, Charlie Spradling, Jeff Weston, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Collin Bernsen and Nita Talbot.

Puppet Master II continues on from the end of Puppet Master with the puppets having wreaked their havoc now start excavating the grave of their creator André Toulon who has been buried in Shady Oaks cemetery in the backyard of the Bodega Bay Inn. It is Pinhead who is doing all the digging whilst Tunneler, Leech Woman, Blade and Jester watch. Pinhead finds the coffin, opens it and pours a magic potion all over the skeleton which results in the skeleton moving his arms!

Months later a new group of parapsychologists, led by Carolyn Bramwell (Maclellan), are sent to the hotel to investigate the strange murder of Megan Gallagher and the lunatic ravings of a now insane Alex Whitaker. It is explained that Megan’s death was caused by her brain was extracted through her nose. Alex is the primes suspect and as a result is now locked up in an asylum.

One of the investigators, Camille Kenney (Talbot), has had enough with everything that is going on and decides that after spotting two of the puppets in her room she should immediately unfortunately for her Pinhead and Jester attack and kidnap her.

On the following day Carolyn talks to Camille’s son Michael (Bernsen) about the disappearance of his mother, then that evening, to make matter worse, Carolyn’s brother Patrick (Webb) gets his head tunneled by Tunneler. Another investigator, Lance (Weston) runs in and knocks Tunneler out, and kills him by crushing him with a lamp. After dissecting Tunneler, they realize that the puppets are not remote controlled, but rather that their gears and wood are run by a chemical. From this, they deduce that the chemical must be the secret of artificial intelligence…

The very next morning, while still trying understand the puppet’s motivation, a man named Eriquee Chaneé (Steve Welles) arrives, stating that he had inherited the hotel, and that he was in Bucharest while the investigators moved in…

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