Heroes of Cult

Heroes of Cult: George “Buck” Flower

There are not many actors who can say they played (basically) the same character throughout their entire career! When asked about it he stated he was cast that way “probably because I look like a dirty drunk and a drifter. They say we play best what we are. God! I hope that’s not true”. Keep your eyes peeled and you will spot him! John Carpenter had him in almost all his movies, he crossed paths with the Dukes of Hazzard, Marty McFly, Maniac Cop, Pumpkinhead, The Puppet Master, Brisco County Jr, Reno Reigns, and various Power Ranger Teams! He is George “Buck” Flower (also credited as Ernest Wall, Buck Flower, George “Buck” Flower, George Flower, Buck Flowers, C. D. LaFleur, C.D. LaFleure, C.D. Lafleuer, and C.D. Lafleur).

“There’s only one good job on a movie set. Actor! It’s the only position where you are responsible to only yourself. Screenwriter is, among the positions I have held, the biggest heart-breaker. I believe it was ‘Earl Felton’ who said, “You know you have a good story when everyone involved wants to write their own version.”

Born on October 28th 1937 in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, Flower joined the army in his teenage years and following his military service attended Eastern Oregon College. Flower then moved to California and attended Pasadena City College where he became a member of The Inspiration Players – a repertory theatre group. He remained with the group for twelve years touring all over the U.S.A.

Debuting in 1970 in the film Norma, Flower would appear in a number of soft-core movies including Country Cuzzins, Cousin Jed Rises Again, Touch Me, Below the Belt, Satan’s Lust, Mother Knows Best, Sex in Comics, The Dirty Mind of Young Sally, The Dirty Dolls, the Sex Prophet, Suckula, Guess Who’s Coming This Weekend, Video Vixens!, and The Candy Tangerine Man.

In 1975 Flower appeared in Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS as well as Gemini Affair, The Invisible Man, The Wilderness Family, Criminally Insane, The Witch Who Came from the Sea, Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, Devil’s Ecstasy, A Small Town in Texas, Drive In Massacre, Bad Georgia Road, Bare Knuckles, The Cliffwood Avenue Kids, The Alpha Incident, Big Bob Johnson and His Fantastic Speed Circus, The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family, Killer’s Delight, Police Girls Academy, The Time Machine, The Capture of Bigfoot, Up Yours, and Adventures of the Wilderness Family 3.

In 1980 Flower began collaborating with John Carpenter with his role as Tommy Wallace in The Fog. He would also appear in Carpenter’s Escape From New York, Starman, Body Bags, They Live, and Village of the Damned. He would also appear in a huge number of Cult TV and movies throughout the rest of the 80’s including The Dukes of Hazzard, Flo, In Search of a Golden Sky, Rigged, Back to the Future, The Night Stalker, Bates Motel, Berserker, Code Name Zebra, Death Blow: A Cry for Justice, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Maniac Cop, Bloody Pom Poms, Pumpkinhead, Mac and MeDeath Nurse 2, Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, One Man Force, Back to the Future Part II, Ghost Writer, Speak of the Devil, and Nerds of a Feather.

“John is a very special filmmaker. He has already shot every single angle of the movie inside his head prior to arriving on the set. He is also a master of communication. If one doesn’t know what’s going on at all times during a Carpenter shoot, one wasn’t paying attention. He is also very quiet for the most part. John knows he’s the director and seems to feel there is no reason to remind people of that fact.”

Throughout the 1990’s Flower would appear in They Came from Outer Space, Puppet Master II, Blood Games, Dragonfight, The Giant of Thunder Mountain, Soldier’s Fortune, Camp Fear, 976-Evil II, Waxwork II: Lost in Time, Munchie, Warlock: The Armageddon, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II, Tammy and the T-Rex, Hard Bounty, Renegade, Dark Breed, Black Dawn, NYPD Blue, Demolition High, Wishmaster, Bloodsuckers, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Power Rangers in Space, and The Pretender.

As the 2000’s rolled in so did appearances in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, 18 Wheels of Justice, Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Time Force: Photo Finish, and The Curse of the Komodo. His final role came in 2004 as Old Chuck in They Are Among Us. Sadly Flower died of cancer at age 66 on June 18th 2004 in Los Angeles, California. His daughter actress/costume designer Verkina Flower continues the family name in the film and television industry.





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