Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli

Written by Kimio Yabuki, Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli was a 52 episode Japanese anime adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s original collection of The Jungle Book stories combined with the Disney interpretation,. It first aired in 1989.

The series follows Mowgli the “man-cub,” a young boy lost in the forest of Seeonee in British India. Mowgli lost his biological parents when they went out searching for him and fell to their deaths from a cliff, and into a river, after a panther named Bagheera unintentionally frightens them. Alexander adopts him as his son and raises him as a wolf.

Mowgli struggles to figure out just what he really is and where he really belongs but is never without his trusty boomerang, which he made himself from a treebranch.

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