Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Conan and the Young Warriors

Developed by Michael Reaves and directed by John Grusd, Conan and the Young Warriors was produced by Sunbow Entertainment and hit our TV screens in March 1994. It ran for thirteen episodes. It was a sequel to Conan the Adventurer and begins with Wrath-Amon vanquished Conan’s family returned to life from living stone.

Now though Conan (voiced by Phil Hayes) and Epimetrius the Sage (voiced by Jim Byrnes) must train a trio of new heroes who are destined to rule over Hyboria known as “The Chosen Ones” who are in possession of magical “star stones.”

These “Chosen One’s” are Draegen (voiced by Mark Hildreth) – The oldest of the Chosen Ones, he grew up in Aquilonia. The star stone on his bandana allows him to magically don a suit of invincible armour; Brynne (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) – The middle Chosen One who grew up as a thief in Shadizar. The star stone that is the jewel of her ring allows her to create illusions, and Navah (voiced by Chiara Zanni) – At eight years old, the youngest of the Chosen Ones. He grew up in the Pict Eagle tribe, and the star stone in his pendant allows him to take control of animals, specifically his mongoose Tiki.

Sulinara (voiced by Kathleen Barr) is the villain of the series. She is a part-Serpent Man sorceress who has a great lust for power and will stop at nothing to possess all of the star stones, and thereby rule Hyboria by herself. She is aided by Graak (voiced by Michael Donovan) a winged demon who cannot physically touch the star stones or Conan’s star metal sword.


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