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Preview- Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger- Ep. 3: The Cursed Gaze

In Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger– Ep. 3: The Cursed Gaze, a new Mynasaur rampages through the city, while Kou and the other Ryusoulgers struggle against this Mynasaur that can petrify people with its gaze! Suddenly, Ryusoul Green, Towa, and Ryusoul Black, Banba, appear before the other Ryusoulgers, and both of them are strong enough to overwhelm the Mynasaur’s power! Both Towa and Banba are dissatisfied with the strength of Kou and the other’s spirits, and refuse to consider them as allies. Just then, Ui suddenly starts suffering and collapses on the ground! It turns out that she is the host of the Mynasaur, as Towa and Banba stand over her body, pointing their swords directly at her!

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