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Cult TV Essentials: Spreewald Krimis

Spreewald Krimis aka Spree Forest Crime is a German crime series with eleven episodes (to date) produced and aired in originally in 2006. The filming takes place at the original locations in the Spreewald forest. Each episode is usually a 90 minute tv movie. The most recent episode “The Lethal Homecoming” was broadcast on November 26th 2018. Thomas Kirchner has written the screenplay for all eleven episodes.

The first episode (which was also a TV movie), “The Mystery on the Moors,”opens in 2005 with excavation work in the Devil Moor near Lübbenau. Shockingly, the workers discover a mummified corpse. According to the coroner’s report it appears that this corpse was once a man who was more than twenty-five years old. Fractures of the skull indicate a homicide so Chief Inspector Thorsten Krüger (Christian Redl) investigates and sends the corpse to Berlin, where the face of the dead man can be reconstructed with the help of a computer program.

Dr. Til Desno (Sebastian Blomberg) takes over this task and is horrified when he sees the crafted face on the screen and recognises the dead man is Ralf Liebig (Nicky Kantor), a schoolmate from high school days, which was believed to have taken refuge in the Federal Republic of Germany as he had previously betrayed his friends at the State security.

Without revealing his discovery, Desno drives in the Spreewald forest, where Ralf’s mother and mentally handicapped sister Nelly live on a rather neglected farm. Desno rents a hotel in the local town and bumps into his childhood sweetheart Sabrina (Anna Loos), which owns the hotel with her husband (and Desno’s old friend) Karsten Hamid Sani (Kai Scheve).

Desno chats with Sabrina about the discovery of Ralf’s body and they recollect of when they were altogether in the West. It turns out Desno and Ralph got into an argument that resulted in Ralph crashing into a barge and driving off leaving the Desno, Sabrina and Karsten to get arrested.

Chief Inspector Krüger works out that they may have been the last people to see Ralph but there is a lot more buried in Spreewald Krimis than everyone is letting on. Lots of secrets and long kept promises are discovered as the adventure continues.

Following episodes deal with other bodies discovered in Spreewald Krimis and the situations surrounding them.

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