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Crucified (2021)

When I was asked to review a horror movie and informed that it is a bit “freaky”, I had some apprehension because I am not what you call a horror fan, I’m not into getting scared witless.  That said, I was proud to have reviewed a war horror movie set in WW2 so I thought, “yeah, why not?”

The opening scene of Claudio Lattanzi’s Crucified (also known as one point as Everybloody’s End) was a flashback to the middle ages with a woman getting killed by a stake through the heart, which wasn’t as gory as it could be, and that is saying something from my experience, but after watching the entire film, it was one of the gorier bits.  Now there is no other deterrent, for me, than a foreign language movie with English subtitles, and this is what this film introduced to me in the second scene.  I was immediately focused on reading the subtitles than I was on the scene and the acting.

The acting isn’t bad, according to iMDb, both the actor and the actress are veteran Italian actors and I felt that the script and direction didn’t give them much to work with but on a side note, I couldn’t help smirk that both were dressed in dark outfits but the actress had a typical plunging cleavage that appeared to be taken advantage of by the outfit department.  The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the mood is with dark interiors and wasteland exteriors, as you would expect and it is very well thought out as throughout the entire movie has this big budget movie on a low budget finance kind of vibe.

Anyway, I digress, the storyline is debatable in its originality, and I found it easy to follow but there was a severe lack of “freaky horror” as I found every scene to be less horrific than I had expected.  There is a lovely twist at the end of the film and it has compelled me to watch it again because of the fact I had to keep reading the subtitles.

Verdict: 6/10. I can’t help thinking that this could’ve been more horrific with more victims and more cast than the six main characters and tiny amount of background actors, like I said, low budget, but the six main cast did what I think the director requested of them.  The movie was certainly pleasant to watch and never once made me jump, I was expecting to be freaked.  The scenes where there was supposed to be gore will be something of a disappointment to a hardcore gore fan, and to be honest, I wasn’t getting onboard with the characters but the twist at the end was what made the film shine for me and it redeemed itself.  Worthy of a watch and I’m definitely going to watch it a second time, and this time and night with the lights out in the dark.

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