Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Eleventh Hour

Created by writer Stephen Gallagher, Eleventh Hour was a four part 2006 British series that followed the adventures of Professor Ian Hood (played by Patrick Stewart). Hood was a Special Advisor to the government’s Joint Sciences Committee, who troubleshot various threats of “scientific endeavour.” Hood was assisted by D.S. Rachel Young (Ashley Jensen) – a Special Branch operative who acts primarily as his bodyguard.

In the opening episode a large number of malformed foetuses are discovered in a field Hood and Young arrive to assist the Police investigation. Hood hypothesises that the discovery is the latest act of ‘Gepetto’, an unidentified culprit responsible for a black market human cloning experiment across Eastern Europe.

As the investigation continues Young befriends a cocky DS, Doug Cook (Jack Pierce), who provides her and Hood with confidential information on the case. Hood interrogates the caretaker of the farm where the foetuses were found, and his questioning leads him to discover a makeshift laboratory and delivery suite on an industrial estate, being run by a doctor who was struck off from the medical register nine months ago for malpractice.

Hood suspects that a local businessman, Peter Gifford (Clive Wood), devastated at the death of his son, may be behind the operation, but Cook then receives a call to say that a 19-year-old mother, Kelly Fox (Joanna Horton), whom they suspect is the latest surrogate for Gepetto (Jane Lapotaire), has been admitted to a local hospital.

Hood faces a race against time to save the young girl from harm, whilst bringing his prime suspect to justice.

The following three episodes followed similar investigative processes.

The show was later remade for U.S. television.



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