Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Wildfire

Wildfire (aka Cavalo de Fogo, and Fuego salvaje) was a cartoon series by Hanna-Barbera that debuted in September 1986 and ran for thirteen episodes. It follows the adventures of a 13 year-old girl called Sara (voiced by Georgi Irene) who lives in the American West. Sara discovers that she is really a princess-in-hiding from another realm who is destined to fight the evil witch Lady Diabolyn (voiced by Jessica Walter).

As the plot of Wildfire unravels it turns out that Sara is actually the Princess Sara of Thurinia of the planet Dar-Shan.  Her mother Queen Sarana (voiced by Amanda McBroom) died twelve years ago when Sara was a baby and her Step-Aunt, Lady Diabolyn, lays claim to the throne using dark magic to help her. Sensing Sara will be in danger, a mystical talking horse name Wildfire (voiced by John Vernon) saves Sara and takes her from Dar-Shan to Montana, USA where she is taken in by a farmer named John Cavanaugh (voiced by David Ackroyd).

Then twelve years later when Sara was ready to fight evil, Wildfire brought her back to Dar-Shan to regain her kingdom. Wildfire summons Sara through her magic amulet and transports her across dimensions to her real home in Dar-Shan. Sara joins with her friends consisting of a sorcerer named Alvinar (voiced by René Auberjonois), a young boy named Dorin (voiced by Bobby Jacoby), and his cowardly colt Brutus (voiced by Susan Blu) in order to thwart her wicked step-aunt. John and Sara’s Indian friend Ellen (voiced by Lilly Moon) provide moral support on Earth.

There are many layers to the story of Wildfire which includes a later revelation that Sara’s adopted father John is actually Prince Cavan, her biological father, sent to Earth to protect him from the curse which Lady Diabolyn and the Spectres had placed on Dar-Shan. Sara and Wildfire are the only ones who know John’s true identity, which has been kept secret even from him!

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