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Eric and the Barbarian

New on Kickstarter is Eric and the Barbarian, a fantasy comedy short film starring Brian Blessed as Odin the Allfather. The team have already personally invested in the film and got the project this far. They had a glorious day filming Brian in his viking helmet during their greenscreen shoot!

The Story focuses on Eric, a sweet natured young man who’s timid demeanour cowers in the face of bullying at work. His colleagues at the grimey debt collecting agency are the ogres and orcs of Eric’s world.

Odin looks down from above on Eric’s struggles, pitying the poor manchild. So Odin sends his son, the barbarian Thannuth Warwolf to help Eric become a man. Much like an imaginary friend, only Eric can see the Barbarian.

The Barbarian is a wild and surreal warrior who is very much out of place in a British office environment. Warwolf is used to slaying demons and monsters rather than photocopying and dodging office politics. Yet he strives to inspire Eric on his quest to stand up to the bullies and overcome his inner demons. Can Eric unleash the warrior within? Or is he doomed to be insecure forevermore?

They are now looking to raise the rest of the funding to complete the filming. This is where you guys come in. They need your help to realize our vision and make this film a reality. Together, we can make something truly awesome and we want you to be a part of it. We need a film for Brian Blessed’s almighty godhead to go in!

Please go and support!


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