Dead Air: A Puppet Infused Female Led Horror Comedy Short

An all female rock band battle evil little creatures at 30,000 feet – A Proof of Concept short Horror Comedy.

“Splatter movies are our bread and butter, our ham and cheese, our chips and ice cream.  These are the kind of films that make us get up in the morning, brush our teeth and then want to bathe in blood for the rest of the day.  We want to see a bunch of kick ass women kick creature butt whilst trying to save their own skin on a Boeing 737.  We want to see monsters punching the hell out of monsters, and girls using guitars as axes and drum sticks as sledgehammers.  Don’t you?”

Dead Air is an independent horror comedy film full of blood, fun and mysterious demon creatures, brought lovingly to life as Henson styled puppets.

Set on a plane travelling to a final gig, Dead Air tells the story of Monster Kitten, an all female punk rock band who end up on a flight with some nasty little creatures who like to bite and infect their victims to the point of all hell breaking loose at 30,000 feet.  With the help of their instruments, a tape recorder and a bottle of piss, the girls try to fend off the evil to get to play their final gig.

Dead Air needs your help to make it fly.

We want to create a kick ass short that is also a shop window for our Feature film of Dead Air.  This ambition requires support. That’s why we’re to ask for your help – we would very much like you to join us on this journey

They want to make a proof of concept short that tells the story that will ultimately be part of the feature.

This concept short will aim to convince sales agents, distributors and a host of others that Dead Air is the next horror comedy hit to come out of the UK. You can help to do that by joining the community and proving there are people out there who want to see original films like this made. We are huge nerds who want to see this made!

Fun, 80’s style creature features.  That’s where it was at.  Over the top gore, goopy practical effects, Henson styled puppets & Great Genre Actors all wrapped up in a loving splat fest.  Now we live in a world of CGI, where nothing is real, not even the filmmakers.  However, there are a select few of us left and practical effects with CG blending has always been the best, not bettered sinceJurassic Park!  We haven’t got dinosaurs, but we have a cracking set up with an all-female punk rock band battling monsters at 30,000ft whilst travelling to their final gig.  Welcome to Dead Air.  A hand crafted punk rock splatter movie from the mind of the writer of Scrawl (Starring Star Wars – The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley) and the Director of the award winning festival favourite Selfie.

This film is being brought to life by an amazing team of talent artists on both sides of the camera and shooting at Black Hangar Studios in Hampshire.

To view their Kickstarter click HERE!


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