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Review- Halloween Girl Book One: Promises to Keep

Halloween Girl Issue 4 Cover

Angsty, teen ghost, Charlotte (aka ‘Halloween Girl’) and supernatural gal pal, Poe battle diabolic, secret society, The Hollow for the soul of Crystal Springs- and their own salvation!

The thing I’ve always admired about Halloween Girl’s creator and writer Richard T. Wilson is his ability to build worlds. Through both the Under the Flowers series and now this graphic novel, the Halloween Girl universe has become both lush and expansive.

Wilson also has also always picked his collaborators well. Each of artists Wanderer Luna’s panes ooze with atmosphere. Each feel like you’re looking at a still from a 1950’s Hammer Horror of film noir. Meanwhile Kadu Ferraz’s cover is the type of thing I’d love hanging on my wall.

Death is a lot of damned work, thinks 18 year old ghost, Charlotte Williams, ass he braves the unsettled world of the In-between. It’s here the rebellious teen finds the clues she so desperately needs in her battle against diabolic, secret society, The Hollow (who took her life, and just happen to be trying to end the world!). With wisecracking, goth ghost, Poe at her side, the duo work to decipher the latest clues to thwart the evil sect at every turn. However, things get hairy when The Hollow kidnap Charlotte’s young son, Luke in retaliation. A devastated Charlotte then suffers with the guilt of screwing up his young life even in death, before forming a plan with Poe to get him back-and make The Hollow pay!

There is a sense of an ending here. Some of the storylines feel they’ve reached their natural conclusions. Throughout I also got a sense of a new beginning; by the end I had the impression Mr. Wilson has just teased the future of the franchise.

Wonderfully paced and engaging Promises to Keep is something I cannot recommend enough.

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