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Review- Halloween Girl Part 2: Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning is the prequel to Promises to Keep and the second in the Halloween Girl series.

The story is set ten years after the tragic death of lead character Charlotte, at the hands of a drunk driver. As her distraught mother worries about her young son Luke’s new teenage friend, Charlotte is haunting her nightmares.

For horror to work in any form, it relies on character investment. Luckily Richard T. Wilson writing is heavily character based. You are suck into the lives of each protagonist; you really care what happens to them.

Dead Reckoning sees Wilson in almost a reflective mood. It is his most complete and heartfelt work. By the end I felt like my emotions had taken a beating. Yet it was an experience I longed to repeat.

Eleonora Garofolo’s artwork is beautifully eerie. It captures each scene perfectly and is never shies away from the horror. Each panel is like a still from a 1980’s horror movie. There are images that will live in your nightmares.

Halloween Girl Dead Reckoning is a fantastical fever dream, with a heart. It come highly recommended.

Verdict: 10/10

The book is now available for Pre-Sale HERE which includes autographed copies by the author. This exclusive Pre-Sale is only available at Mad Shelley Comics. The book goes into wide release Oct. 1st 2023.

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