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Cult TV Essentials: It’s About Time

It’s About Time is an American fantasy/science-fiction comedy TV series that aired for one season of 26 episodes between 1966 and 1967. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz (who to keep costs down used sets, props and incidental music from his other television series in production at the time, Gilligan’s Island).

The series followed two astronauts, Mac McKenzie (Frank Aletter) and Hector Canfield (Jack Mullaney) who traveled faster than the speed of light, resulting in being sent back in time to prehistoric days.

As a result of this, McKenzie and Canfield must to adjust to living with a cave family led by Shad (Imogene Coca) and Gronk (Joe E. Ross). It should be noted that Shad was originally Shag in the first episode but was soon changed. Shad and Gronk’s children were 18-year-old Mlor (Mary Grace, credited in the retooled closing titles as Mary Graham Grace) and 14-year-old Breer (Pat Cardi). The chief of the tribe, Boss (Cliff Norton) and his right-hand man Clon (Mike Mazurki) were always suspicious of the astronauts.

Due to falling rating the series was revamped with the 18th episode and the premise reversed. Now the astronauts repaired their space capsule and returned to 1967, with Shad, Gronk, and their children in tow. Boss and Clon make their final appearances in this episode and two new supporting characters Alan DeWitt as Mr. Tyler, manager of the apartment building where Mac and Hector live, and Frank Wilcox as General Morley, their commanding officer.

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  1. Fun Fact } Frank Aletter’s wife,actress Lee Meriwether,was starring on her own sci~fi TV show that also involved time travel.
    Lee was on Irwin Allen’s The Time Tunnel(1966~’67)as scientist Dr.Ann MacGregor who was one of the operators of the TT.


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