Cult TV

Stan Against Evil: Episode 1

Created by Dana Gould (The Simpsons), Stan Against Evil features John C. McGinley as Stan Miller, former sheriff of Willard’s Mill, a small New Hampshire town with a dark past!

The problem is Willard’s Mill was the site of 17th century witch burnings, 172 in total, that made Salem look like Disney land and since then every single town sheriff has been cursed and met with an grim end.

Following a confrontation with a demon at his wife’s funeral Stan leaves his job as Sheriff and is replaced by Evie Barret (played by Janet Varney). It soon becomes clear that just because he is not Sheriff anymore it does not mean he is out of danger.

Evie discovers that it was Stan’s wife who kept him safe from witches and demons during his Sheriff career. Evie also discovers a whole room in Stan’s house full of books and weapons. Stan is shocked when he discovers the room commenting that he had not been in the room “since that gay cop show was on [Starsy and Hutch].”

Teaming with Stan and Evie is Stan’s daughter Denise (Deborah Baker Jr), who is either really sheltered and young or not quite the full shilling, and Deputy Leon Drinkwater (Nate Mooney), who also may be simple.

With some space to grow, Stan Against Evil could easily carve out its own identity. Comparisons to Ash Vs The Evil Dead are obvious to make, but by keeping its clarity and fixing the occasional pacing issue, the show has the potential to grow. It is McGinley especially who raises Stan up and fills him with the potential of being a Cult TV icon. He shows us that Stan is grieving the loss of his wife and pours Stan’s loss of career (of which he gained his identity and status from) on top of that, resulting in this new fight against evil as the only thing Stan has left besides his daughter that gives him a purpose. We are left with a slightly bitter, one-liner spewing Stan who almost feels inconvenienced by the whole thing and just wants to get back to watching his TV with no interruptions.


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