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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

10 PM

On December 1st

The Gang Returns

If you are a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you know the episode title cards like the back of your hand. Ever since the series premiered in 2005, this no holds barred sitcom has ruled FXX’s programming schedule making it one of the cornerstones of the network.

For 15 seasons, viewers have gotten to know “the gang” rather intimately. The progenitor of “cringe comedy” centers around five friends who own Paddy’s Pub, a dilapidated bar in the City of Brotherly Love. Created and executive produced by Rob McElhenney (who also happens to be a native Philadelphian), Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, It’s Always Sunny isn’t afraid to dive into uncomfortable subject matter.

The stories revolve around bar owners, Dennis Reynolds (Howerton), his twin sister, “Sweet Dee,” (Kaitlin Olson), their stepfather, Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) and their childhood pals, Mac (McElhenney) and Charlie (Day) as they scheme and manipulate one another on a daily basis.

One of their best episodes aired in Season 7, CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games. During this particular show, the gang is looking for some thrills so they decide to play a board game that they invented.

Of course, it involves drinking, crazy antics, ridiculous rules and multiple levels Mind (Trivia, Puzzles, and Artistry), Body (Physical Endurance, Pain, and Endurance), and Spirit (Emotional Battery and Public Humiliation). However, this time, Frank hijacks the last level culminating in a re-enactment of the movie, Saw.

Another favorite episode for It’s Always Sunny fans is Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack (S04E10). After Dee winds up having a cardiac event, the crew begins to worry about their health. While Dee and Dennis opt for the gym, Frank mixes prescription meds and Charlie and Mac decide to take office jobs for insurance.

The result of this hilarious mess and the subject of a thousand internet memes, is Charlie (who has been working in the mailroom of a prestigious company with Mac) who discovers a corporate conspiracy that centers around a mysterious individual known as Pepe Silva…

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s 15th season premieres December 1st on FXX at 10 PM. Get ready because the gang is going to be making Lethal Weapon 7, taking a trip to Ireland, buying a roller rink and carrying a corpse up a mountain…we can hardly wait!

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