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Invincible Ep. 5: That Actually Hurt

Invincible Ep. 5: That Actually Hurt introduces us to Titan (Mahershala Ali), a superpowered family man who is being forced to work for a crime boss named Machine Head (Jeffrey Donovan) because he owes him money that he borrowed for his sick daughter. Just as Titan believes he has paid Machine Head back he realises he may be in deeper than he realises.

Meanwhile Mark is still fighting crime as Invincible, training with his Dad, working his job, and trying to have a relationship with Amber – despite always turning up late and letting her down.

Elsewhere, Debbie finds Darkblood’s notepad and the notes in it correspond to her observations and suspicions. This worries her that her own husband may be lying to her.

After his daughter talks about Invincible, Titan reaches out to Invincible for help so that he can finally be free of Machine Head. Titans shows Invincible the dark side of the streets in a manner similar to the Green Arrow and Green Lantern – Hard Travelling Heroes.

Over dinner Mark discusses helping Titan over dinner. His father feels it is beneath him but Debbie says saving lives is not beneath anyone.

Black Samson is not happy about how the Guardians battled The Lizard League and lecteurs them for allowing civilian casualties. All is not well at Guardian HQ.

Later when Nolan is out, Debbie finds hios blood soaked costume, and this worsens her fears about her husband.

Also, Robot meets with the Maulers with an offer for their cloning expertise.

Invincible and Titan attempt to take down Machine Head but are met with an array of super villains including Thokk and Battle Beast! Just as thinks get really bad the Guardins turn up to help but they are overwhlemed too! Monster Girl, Black Samson and Invincible take serious beatings but the remaining Guardians manage to work together to defeat the villains.

The GDA arrive and arrest Machine Head whilst the heroes are medically evacuated.

Eve volunteers with Amber at a soup kitchen but has to leaves when Cecil calls about Mark’s hospitalization.

Titan takes over Machine Head’s operation – in what may have been his plan all along!

Finally, GDA scientists test some of Mark’s blood, finding his blood cells invulnerable to everything!

Verdict: 9/10.  So may threads and plot points are either expanaded or left dangling in this episode – an amazing feat of writing. The story pushes forwards with yet more layers added to it. The juxtoposition of Invincible and Titan is played out nicely over the episode especially as just when you think you know what will happen it takes a nice divergent in the road. We get more insight into the new Guardians too, whilst Debbie moves closer to the centre stage for what will be a huge showdown when it happens!

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