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Preview: Kamen Rider Sabre Ep. 21: The Greatest Shine,Full Colors

In Kamen Rider Sabre Ep. 21: The Greatest Shine Full Colors, Mei warns Touma of all of the recently missing people and after immediately after heading out towards the scene, Touma learns that there were many more victims besides just Yuki and Raijima alone! Touma and Mei are saddened by the fact that there were people who they couldn’t save… Meanwhile, at the Southern Base, Daishinji declares that he will bring the Sword of Flames back to the guild, staking his pride as a swordsman on the line in order to prove his loyalty to the guild! He recalls feeling something akin to when his grandfather told him about the myths of the Sacred Swords… Not to mention, Storius tries to create a special Megiddo to steal the Sacred Swords from the swordsmen. A new Megiddo is created by harnessing the components of the three book genres: Mythical Creatures, Living Animals, and Fairy Tales! The battle between the swordsmen and the threat of a new Megiddo are quickly gaining on Touma! Around that time, Yuri, who was told of the possibility of recovering his swordsman’s body, was paying a visit to Tassel…

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