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Lost in Austen

Photographer: Helen Turton

Written by Guy Andrews and directed by Dan Zeff, Lost in Austen was a four part mini-series that was broadcast in September 2008. It follows Jane Austen superfan Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper, HEX), a young woman surviving life and drunken marriage proposals in Hammersmith, London, who one night awakens to see Elizabeth Bennet (played by Gemma Arterton), a character from Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice” stood in a nightgown in her bathroom. Amanda brushes it off though and convinces herself it must have been a dream.

Later Amanda is having a deep conversation with her Mother where she explains that “Pride and Prejudice” has empowered her and she has decided to set higher standards for what she wants in a husband. That night Elizabeth appears in Amanda’s bathroom again, this time dressed for travel. Amanda notices that Elizabth enetered via a secret magical doorway and steps through it herself. Amanda suddenly realises she is in Longbourn, the house of the Bennet family, near the beginning of the novel “Pride and Prejudice;” whilst Elizabeth is left roaming in Hammersmith!

Upon her arrival at Longbourn Amanda meets Mr Bennet (Hugh Bonneville) who believes Amanda is a good friend of his daughter who is visiting whilst Elizabeth visits “the city.” Soon Amanda meets Mrs. Bennet (Alex Kingston), Mary Bennet (Ruby Bentall), Kitty Bennet (Florence Hoath), Lydia Bennet (Perdita Weeks), Jane Bennet (Morven Christie), and later Mr. Darcy himself played by Elliot Cowan!

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