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Review- Cobra Kai Season 3 Ep. 5: Miyagi-Do

In Cobra Kai Season 3 Ep. 5: Miyagi-Do, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) gets to spend the day with the man who once wanted to kill him in The Karate Kid Part  II Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto). There are some fun awkwards moments but things get serious when Chosen takes him to his dojo and shows him some MIyagi-Do scrolls, Chosen wont let Daniel see some of them as they are Miyagi’s secrets! How can they resolve this?

Meanwhile back in Hill Valley Johnny (William Zabka) is helping Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) with his rehab in an unauthordox way, whilst the Cobra Kai students continue their bullying ways.

Verdict: 10. The moments between Daniel and Chozen steal the episode and it is great to see Daniel admitting he doesn’t know everything and actually learning something. Chozen parallels Johnny in some many ways and the way their scenes parlay into the relationship beteen Johnny and Miguel (and in someways samantha nd her mother Amanda) is clever and gives it more depth, even more so when you think about the meaning of those scenes across the dual fight scenes at the end. Again two pathways are shown and we get to experience the consequences of both.

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