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Review- Moonbase 8 Ep. 2: Rats

In Moonbase 8 Ep. 2: Rats, the spoylight falls on Rook (Tim Heidecker) who is seriously homesick after watching a video sent to him by his huge family. This homesickness manifests itself into a Rook’s perceived lack of appreciation by the rest of team.

Meanwhile Cap’s frustrations and not being able to catch a prowler leads to the team indentifying their inability to suit up in time is the main reason they fail at the task. Suggestions to solve this problem are explored and tried out to various levels iof success.

Later Cap overhears Rook share his feelings in a video to his family and works hard to get rook to stay – mainly because Cap is homeless and in debt!

As the story progresses Cap finally gets hold on the prowler and discovers he is a local man named Wally (Joshua Davis) who is looking for things to recycle and agreed to give them their things back.

Rook receives another video from his family, and that alongside the power of prayer, convinces him to stay.

Verdict: 6/10. Im all for some deadpan comedy but the pace of this does seem to drag at times. It is the chemistry of our hopeful trio keeps the ship above water

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