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Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance by Matthew Medney and John Connelly

Beyond Kuiper is the new novel from Heavy Metal Magazine; written by the companies CEO Matt Medney alongside aerospace engineer John Connelly.

Set as Earth is on the verge of first contact with the possibility of joining the Galactic Alliance, this lush novel introduces us to a vivid and expansive universe; set amongst millions of years worth of history.

Beyond Kuiper is beautifully written and such a pleasure to read; this descriptive novel just flows with such an ease, you’ll find yourself reading for hours without noticing. The authors have gone to great lengths to get the science featured within the novel correct. There is even a feel of how real scientists approach problems. I’d be exaggerating if I said my knowledge of astrophysics or engineering was limited, but not once does the novel make it feel inaccessible.

In a lot sci-fi the dialogue almost feels like a second thought here it is well thought out and believable. Although at time touches a little close to Star Trek for my liking. This makes you relate to the characters, which help makes the whole experience immersive.

The artwork throughout is just superb; I feel I spent just as much time staring at the illustrations as I did reading the novel. Artist Uzku Ozden is a true talent and he has really captured the essence of the book. They each reminded me of the artwork from my favourite 70’s & 80’s sci-fi novels, but with a contempory twist that makes each one feel timeless.

If you like your sci-fi mixed in with true science and amazing artwork then Beyond Kuiper is the book for you; a great story that is just begging for its universe to expanded by future instalments.

Marks out of 10: 9

You can pre-order HERE.

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