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Avengers Grimm (2015)

Directed by Jeremy M. Inman, Avengers Grimm is a “mock buster” from The Asylum film compmany that begins with Snow White (Lauren Parkinson) and Prince Charming’s kingdom is under attack by Rumpelstiltskin’s (Casper Van Dien) Thrall army. In no time at all Rumpelstiltskin storms the castle killing Prince Charming he then confronts Snow White in the throne room as he wants access to the Magic Mirror. This is because it is a portal to a land without magic. Rumpelstiltskin believes that if he can get to that land he will be able to rule it with no challengers. The two battle and both fall through the mirror.

Some time later Cinderella (Milynn Sarley), Sleeping Beauty (Marah Fairclough) and Rapunzel (Rileah Vanderbilt) arrive at the throne room and assess what has happened. They note that the world on the other side of the mirror’s time passes much faster than time in their land.

Soon Red Riding Hood (Elizabeth Peterson) arrives to lend a hand but unfortunately she has been followed by Rumpelstiltskin’s right-hand man, the Wolf (Kimo Leopoldo) who attacks them. He throws Red into the mirror smashing it into pieces, one of which becomes embedded in Red Riding hood’s shoulder.

The shattering of the mirror transports them all to Los Angeles where it is six months in the future. Whilst Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel all arrive together, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf are nowhere to be seen! A misunderstanding in a bar leads the trio of princesses being rscued by Snow White who is now a freedom fighter! Snow White informs them of Rumplestiltskin’s evil plans (that they must stop!) and realises they need to find Red Riding Hood as she is there only way of getting home!


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