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Stone Cold (1991)

Written by Walter Doniger and directed by Craig R. Baxley, Stone Cold follows suspended Alabama police officer Joe Huff (Brian Bosworth). Huff feels the system is too soft on criminals and is often in trouble for using excessive violence. One day whilst out shopping (in a scene not too different from Cobra) Huff stops a supermarket robbery and saves a hostage (Renée O’Connor) and is immediately summoned to meet FBI Agent Cunningham (Richard Gant). The secret meeting takes place in a vacant underground parking garage. Cunningham shocks Huff by blackmailing him by threatening to turn his three-week suspension into six months without pay unless he goes undercover in a white supremacist biker gang called “The Brotherhood,” who are linked to the murders of government officials and suspected of dealing drugs to the mafia. Huff has no choice but to accept the “offer” and begins his undercover life as “John Stone.” He is paired with an FBI contact named Lance (Sam McMurray), a germophobe who does not exactly fit in with the biker lifestyle.

After some time assimulating into the role, Huff now known as Stone approaches The Brotherhood and their leader Chains Cooper (Lance Henriksen). Chains is suspicious of Stone so purposes that he kill a man as his initiation into The Brotherhood. Stone enlists the FBI’s help to carefully fake the murder and thus he is accepted into the Brotherhood. However, Chains’s right-hand man Ice Hensley (William Forsythe), does not trust him and tries to expose him, leading to Ice’s death in a high-speed motorcycle chase.

During his time in the gang, Stone learns that the Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is to eliminate Brent “The Whip” Whipperton (David Tress), a District Attorney running for Governor of Mississippi, who has promised to crack down on crime within the state, this along with entanglements with Chains’ girlfriend Nancy (Arabella Holzbog) lead Stone into a difficult situation to resolve!

In a Q&A with the audience after a special screening of the film in Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse in 2014, Brian Bosworth talked about how original director Bruce Malmuth was fired due to some “personal issues that he couldn’t control which poured out on set”, and his firing caused all the original backstory for Bosworth’s character to be removed and changed after Craig R. Baxley was hired to direct. About four weeks was spent filming scenes with Bosworth’s character and his family (wife, child and sister), which in the end were completely axed out after $4 million was spent shooting them.

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