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Review- Student Ambassador: The Missing Dragon

Student Ambassador: The Missing Dragon is the latest release from Iron Circus Comics and oh what fun it is. There is something very warm and comfortable about book. Positivity just oozes from the pages.

Our hero Joseph Bazan aka the Student Ambassador uses his logic to help people and save the day. By listening and apply his own intelligence he fends off crocodiles and even impresses the President of the United States (not the one you’re thinking of). This sees him asked to negotiate with a child king in hopes of stopping a war from starting.

This well written story at no time plays down to the children; first off it is well researched, even to the point that writer Ryan Estrada has lived in many of the places featured in the comic. Even though Joseph uses his words there no shortage of action; at times the book is a thrilling read and has moments of genuine jeopardy. There are also moments of genuine comedy. Great one-liners and laugh out loud visual jokes are scattered throughout the comic. It’s worth scanning each panel, as there is usually something hidden in the background. This is the type of story I’m sure a parent would enjoy reading with their child.

On the subject of the artwork, it is lovely. At times you will think it looks simple, but that is both its charm and brilliance. There are elements of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon about it, even a hint of the DC Thomson line of comics. The influences definitely show, but the artist Axur Eneas has also put his own stamp and style into each panel.

It’s great to see such a positive and fun world being aimed at children. I’m looking forward to future issues just to see how Ryan and Axur develop and expand their world.

Marks out of 10: 9

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