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A*P*E (1976)

Directed by Paul Leder, A*P*E follows a 36-foot-gorilla who escapes from an oil tanker off the coast of South Korea. On his way to dry land he battles a supersized great white shark before reaching South Korea. Around the same time as A*P*E arrives, American actress Marilyn Baker (Joanna Kerns) arrives in Korea to shoot a film she is accompanied by her boyfriend Tom Rose (Rod Arrants) who works as a journalist.

Meanwhile, the United States Military start to receive reports of sightings of an unknown creature which are initially dismissed as they believe the giant footprints discovered are from the filming of a movie.

A*P*E continues on his journey overcoming a giant snake and some archers who try to take him down!

Soon the United States Military realise the reports are true and begin working with Captain Kim (Nak-hun Lee) of the South Korean Police to investigate the matter further. They plan to keep a lid on the whole thing but Tom catches wind of it and begins his own investigation as A*P*E continues his rampage and arrives at Marilyn’s film set!

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