Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)

Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity was the film that was condemned as “indecent” on the floor of the U.S. Senate by North Carolina Republican Sen. Jesse Helms in 1992 who “found it by accident” one night whilst channel surfing. Helms wanted to force cable operators to block “indecent” programming unless customers specifically asked for it in writing. The amendment was struck down by a U.S. Federal Court in 1993 and the decision was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996.

Written and directed by Ken Dixon, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity follows Daria (Elizabeth Kaitan – Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by ForceFriday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) and Tisa (Cindy Beal – Dragon Ball GT ), two female rabbit skin bikini clad prisoners, who break out of their cell in a space gulag, overpower their guards, and escape in a small spaceship.

Unfortunately the ship mysteriously malfunctions resulting in the girls crash landing on a nearby planet where they become the guests of Zed (Don Scribner), a man with a scarred face who lives in a large fortress. Zed is the only living person on the planet apart from his two robot guards who protect his fortress. Zed takes the girls in and presents them with new clothes and invites them for an evening meal at his table.

Daria and Tisa accept Zed’s invitation for dinner and whilst there meet two survivors from another crash-landing who are also Zed’s guests, Rik (Carl Horner) and his sister Shala (Brinke Stevens). They warn the girls that something’s not right about Zed and that members of their party who had also survived the other crash have already disappeared.

Just what has happened to them and how does Zed figure into this?



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