Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: T-Force (1994)

What do you mean? You have never heard of T-Force? They are the world’s first fully cybernetic law enforcement team who should have taken the cinematic world by storm if it were not for the fact that every idea in this film is clearly taken from something you have heard of!

As the film opens a terrorist group has taken control of the British embassy in downtown Los Angeles. Nobody knows what to do – hostages are being killed… deploy T-Force!

Sure enough within minutes, more than thirty terrorists are dead. However, Adam (Evan Lurie), one of the members of T-Force, goes too far and shoots a disarmed and surrendering female terrorist. He then destroys a terrorist helicopter with six hostages on board with a grenade launcher.

As a result of Adam’s actions Mayor Pendleton (Erin Gray) and the Chief of the LAPD decide to shut down the program and disassemble the cybernauts despite protest from the cybernaut’s chief scientist Dr. Jonathan Gant (Martin E. Brooks).

Perceiving their shutdown a threat to their self-preservation, the cyborgs rebel and go on a killing rampage by targeting the mayor and the chief. Lieutenant Jack Floyd (Jack Scalia) of the LAPD teams up with Cain (Bobby Johnston), one of the cybernauts who chose to obey the law, to hunt down the renegade cybernauts and destroy them. Also Vernon Wells turns up!

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